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    Lightbulb Reset Time: Testing Week

    Hey guys!

    With an empty server, concerns, request, suggestions....A Reset was bound to happen. Currently, everything has been wiped. This is a completely new DB. With this being said, we need some testers for this week. This week is testing and crucial. A lot has changed!

    Rules have been changed. I'm awaiting Inkery's video that explains it a bit better, but here is a list of what has changed.

    • 1. SOPs for gangs/businesses removed : Gangs will be limited to 4 people or less.
    • 2. Police/EMS impersonations allowed/ems/police vehicles stealable (Low Effort RP will be admined)
    • 3. Current Greenzones: (only Hospitals/Police Station/Mech Shop, Garage)
    • 4. Airlines (Civ access), Owning your own airplane/helicopter allowed. (Unrealistic Flying will be admined)

    __________________________________________________ ____________

    Reset : Features including
    • 3 Characters, separate stuff for each one.

    • New phone system> twitter back in chat /news /twt etc

    • Performance boost from old server to new
    • Currently set back to 32 till populations increases
    • Vehicle shop- Renting vehicles added. Car Dealership revamped (apply to become one)
    • Realistic vehicle damage
    • Drug effects
      Weed/Cocaine/Meth >body armor/speed perks
    • No ELS
    • Vanilla Unicorn, Train job, Jobs animations included with jobs (some spots moved; WIP)
    • New animations. F5
    • Updated Pillbox (Lockable doors)
    • Race Track in the Sky in the Ocean (Far in the Ocean)
    • Testing weed scripts
      Planting own weed/water and take care of.
    • Making drug locations easy to find: Removing Drugs/Illegal job center (Everyone can see them)
    • Locking EMS/Police vehicles, AI cars hard to unlock(15% chance, call a Taxi).
    • Togglable neon
      ^ Yes
    • New Blackmarket shop - New bank heist
    • recoil/flashbangs
    • Seatbelts
    • New Prison script with jobs

    If we can get enough people on to test things, that will be great. This reset was all @Jay . Please thank him for his time and dedication making this reset happen. Thanks to the GTA LE members getting together and discussing all your suggestions/request and implementing them. @Bigtram @RedDragonKnight @jordy @Inkery @Jack L. @Taylor

    We will like to thank all of our members that come on and roleplay, without you guys, this server wouldn't be possible. Let's get this bread.

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    Looks fun, I'll try and get on after band camp this week
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    Don't be afraid to contact me, if I seem like I'm being unfair or rude, just talk to me and we can work it out.

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    Any and all feedback is appreciated and won't be overlooked. We plan on making this the best reset this server has seen (only had 1 other one, but still) If you have any suggestions, bug reports, or complaints please let me know so we can fix the issue
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    I am very excited about this reset. I think it is greatly needed and a lot of the updates are stuff everyone has wanted for a long time. As a cop, I am VERY excited to see where the whole pd car locking/stealing thing is going to go and what rp it’s going to bring. While I am unfortunately not able to hop on and test because I’m out of town, I’m very excited to get back and hopefully see some population in the server. Thank you to all the GTA LE, especially @Jay I imagine this wasn’t easy and I’m hoping this reset will get the appreciation it deserves!
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    This is everything people have been asking for. I think the server has a bright future ahead of it, and Iím very excited to partake in the hard work our LE has been putting in. Iíll be hopping on when I can to bug test, and I know all LE had a role in this big change, but big shout out to Jay and Summer. Iíve constantly seen them in teamspeak the past few weeks and it really makes me feel good to know we have people that care this much.

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