FiveM Server Reset
7/30/19 | Artist: Thorium | Writer: mom | Editor: xValence | #fivem #reset #edgegamers

Our FiveM server has officially begun its second ever reset. We are currently in the “testing” phase, meaning we will try to eliminate as many bugs as possible before the reset is put into place. The reset will take place Friday, August 2nd, so don’t fret to get on the server and help make this the best reset it can be!

We would also like to take a moment to extend a huge amount of gratitude to @Jay for the fantastic work he’s done for the server. Day in and day out, he’s always there to fix bugs, add awesome features, and lead the dev team. We truly would not have this opportunity if it wasn’t for Jay.

Top Features
~General performance boost
~Gun Recoil
~New chat features
~Renting Vehicles
~32 slot returns

For the full explanation of the reset, click here!

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