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    Default Media Team Award Spotlight

    Media Team Award Spotlight
    7/28/19 | Artist: Thorium | Writer: xValence | #media #award #spotlight

    Advanced Media Team
    Awarded to members who go above and beyond expectations in the Media Team and enhance it in invaluable ways.

    Media Team
    Larry_Da_Lobster, Nick, Matrix, PickleZ, Kaise
    Awarded to members who contribute positively to the Media Team.

    News Team
    Larry_Da_Lobster, mom, Nick, Blazey
    Awarded for contributions to the News Team.

    Newsletter Team
    mom, Nick
    Awarded to those who contribute to the monthly eGO Newsletter.

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    Woooo go @Larry_Da_Lobster
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    @mom is a cool person
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Sniper View Post
    Rules like those are for bronze players...
    Quote Originally Posted by _MEGA
    but then MC gets stabbed
    and she's in the hospital on her phone searching "how win a guy over in the hospital"

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    Congrats on the awards you guys!

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