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    i'm still on vacation but i'll be doing these in order upon return

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    Would love a new Avatar since mine is pretty outdated.

    Name: Energized
    Signature/avatar:theme/concept: Something with perhaps Dutch Flag, Or With Battlefield 5 theme, or battlefield in general ?
    Division: Battlefield.
    Rank: E ( but after admin refresher, it should be back at eGO )
    Quote: Nothing besides my name

    -Thankyou =3
    Multi-Divisional Recruiter
    Day Of Defeat / Counterstrike-Source / Counterstrike:Go / Team Fortress 2

    Day Of Defeat Source/Personnel Service Member Recruitment Coordinator / NME Representative.
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    Feel Free to message me in steam if you need help with anything.
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    The Dutch Edge-Gamers Marksman.

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    I'm home and I will do all of these in the next 1-2 days sorry for the delay. Will do in chronological order.

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