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  • Amber

    2 1.06%
  • Blue

    52 27.51%
  • Brown

    71 37.57%
  • Gray

    2 1.06%
  • Green

    27 14.29%
  • Hazel

    29 15.34%
  • Red

    4 2.12%
  • Violet

    2 1.06%
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDopeDragon View Post
    While using the term "mutant" is a bit intense, it's not incorrect. I'll link a PDF of some of the scientific research below. The basic idea is that humans, at one point, all had dark (brown) colored eyes. At some point in history, there was a mutation in a gene that caused the the pigment intensity in the eyes to differ. This is essentially the single "common ancestor" for all humans with blue eyes. Over time, because this was not ever seen as a trait that hinders survival nor provide an advantage (except perhaps in mating), the mutation was allowed to stay within human society. Over many years, the trait was spread and has continued to spread resulting in numerous individuals with blue eyes.

    Link to PDF

    It's actually some pretty interesting stuff if you have the time to read about it. It's actually similar to those who have "red/violet" eyes. Red eyes are, in fact, not a natural eye color for humans. No human truly has "red/violet eyes". What is being observed as red eyes, especially in cases of albinism, is actually another defect/genetic mutation that results in minimal pigment or lack of a pigment in the eyes. When light hits the eyes of these individuals, it is actually taking the reflected (or refraction rather for you physics people) color from the blood vessels in the eyes that then fills the "empty space" created due to a lack of pigment in the eyes. That is why we can observe people with "red/violet eyes".
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    Mega is correct and anyone that says otherwise is trying to sell something

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    Mine are actually gray-green. Haven't really seen many other pairs like them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan View Post
    Haven't really seen many other pairs like them.
    Have you tried looking in a mirror?

    /me runs
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    What do you do if your eyes change between blue and green?

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    i have no eyes
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