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    WZZ had probably the best aim on jb. Kazz and fustin for hops, secrets and strafes.
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    Hard to tell.

    Id say its wzz fustin aubrey aikido wilito and kitty kano.
    @zarmati has to probably be the worst rebeller there is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zarmati View Post
    I thought admins aren't allowed to lie

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    Yeah... That's a hard @Apt
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    Cody will forever be.

    Change my mind
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    Pauliuha is the best I see on late night, good on almost every map.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaSe View Post
    Cody will forever be.

    Change my mind
    Agreed. There is nobody that beats Cody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peoples People View Post
    /ban power_outlet 0 bad rebeller
    shit cant admin on other admins you beat the system
    I don't think that's the only thing stopping you.
    But I think it is Aubery, kazz, wzz and fustin are the top 4 In my oppinion
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