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    Welcome ! are you my daddy ?
    have any questions about becoming a real doctor? PM me !

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    Welcome to eGO! Welcome to the TF2 family as well!!

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    could be but I don't have any kids I "know about"

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    Welcome @G-Funk , hope you enjoy your stay here and hope to see you around CSGO if you play on the servers or TS/Discord

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    Welcome @G-Funk to eGO and the TF2 community! And welcome to the young at heart club. Iím 52, and freshmeathead isn't far ahead of me. Hope to see ya around on the servers soon! Donít forget to join the eGO Steam group so you can get alerts about events. Thereís an event that happens every Sunday night at 9 EST/ 8 CST on the event server with the Blackmesa map which is great 5 control point map. Come join us if you can!

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    Well, we welcome you to eGO @G-Funk! If you would like help meeting people, feel free to message me and I will show you around! I hope you enjoy your stay with eGO! It's an amazing community! -MSI, your fellow gaming bot<3
    Thanks G-Funk thanked for this post

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