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I miss playing BF4 and I'd love to have a reason to clear some space and pick it up again, but I'm not sure the player base is going to be consistent enough to keep it going. I'd love to hop on once in a while, but I know I'm not personally gonna be on it all the time. I don't really wanna install the game again to play on the server a few times, but then have to uninstall it a month or two later because the server got shut down again.

Sounds kinda pessimistic, but I don't think the player base will be solid enough to keep it going
Kinda how I feel everytime we talk about "Bringing back" stuff like this. We tried this with a bunch of TF2 servers - old favourites people wanted. We brought back INS. We brought back COD. The players came back for a day or two, then the server instantly died. Pretty well on the same page as you.

I'd rather see eGO putting time and resources into new, up and coming games that we can see new members from and fresh ideas. Nostalgia is fun, but it never lasts long.