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    Default (TTT) Innocent Kos'es

    My suggestion is to make calling kos'es as an Innocent against the rules.

    To start off, there is no logical reason to verbally announce your own kos as an Innocent. It does nothing but trick people into thinking it was a Detective kos, in turn causing a pretty massive rdm train.

    In my opinion, calling out your own kos as an Innocent should fall under Server Disruption, as it can confuse several Innocent players into thinking that they have to kill a certain player, resulting in unnecessary reports.

    I understand that in most cases, the kos called out by an Innocent is warranted (they were shot at, saw a T buy an M4, etc), however there is no reason to announce the kos as it could just easily be kept to and acted upon by themselves.

    I also know that there is currently a rule in place, which is not being able to follow Innocent kos'es, however I feel like the Innocent who called the kos should be more at blame instead of the person not aware it was an Innocent.

    I know firsthand what it feels like to be killed (on a T round) because someone followed an Innocent kos, it really sucks.

    What do you guys think?

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    Instead of making it server disruption I do understand why there is a need to announce to fellow innocents / detectives that X player is a traitor. The only work around would be to scream


    We then would have to ban joking T remarks such as

    "I'm a T" Sike I meant it as T as in terrorist not traitor and make that server disruption
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    Maybe innos proven by detective but that might be a stretch. Either way I agree
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    Hi, @mom

    i know you hate the inno koses but calling it out is also good for then the traitor knows he have to kill you, but i see where you come from for normally new players dosen't know the rules about kosing, and i dont think it should be against the rules for it's logical to announce your kos instead of going over to the person and kill him for then he might think you rdmed him, i normally say if i dont call the kos if i kill the player i tell the person i saw him kill that or do that, that lead to his death, but if im close to him i call the kos out, i think its good to say it, because if you dont say it you might die to an innocent that thought you were a traitor and then he will feel bad for it, or get mad, but i do see where you are coming from with this, i dont hate it or dislike its cool you bring it up.

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    I agree with Mom, there is no reason to have innocents call KOS.

    1) Think someone is suspicious? Just simply call high suspicion on them, simple as that.

    2) Getting shot by someone, call it out, if you die it's probably true and detective will use a DNA scanner on you, easy detective KOS

    3) When everyone calls KOS, as Mom said, it gets super confusing, and with DS perks, players can look A LOT like a detective/CT with little to no difference.

    Overall really no reason for innocent KOS's as it causes more confusion then forward progression.
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    An innocent KOS actually serves a purpose by allowing the whole server to know a certain player is suspicious, however, you are not able to kill off of suspicion as stated in the rules
    Suspicious Behavior
    You should NOT kill carelessly and without reasonable or valid evidence or justification. You ARE considered to be careful and reasonable by identifying a number of suspicious acts below that would logically indicate they are a traitor:
    Being called out for 'kill-on-sight' (KOS) by an Innocent.
    Also the idea of trying to enforce this rule is insane. How would you be able to identify someones role during the round without either using an admin command or waiting until they actually commit traitorous acts. I agree being killed off of suspicion on your T round totally sucks but its part of the learning curve for new players. Also it is essential in creating deception which is what TTT is entirely revolved around. Most people forget that Traitors are the ones who also call KOS's on random players which can lead to innocents killing them. Which is why its considered traitorous behavior as seen below
    Traitorous Behavior
    You MUST kill for traitorous behavior, failure to do so can be considered as traitorous - the following acts are considered as traitorous:
    Declaring a KOS on an innocent.
    TLDR if you dont want to read that fat wall of text traitors can kos people and so can innocents so having a rule making inno's not being able to do this just doesnt sound like the right move imo
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    We don't feel that this would be something beneficial to the server as new players will learn that they can only follow a KOS from a detective. We don't want to change something that everyone, including myself, has been doing since they started playing on the server. Making this change would mean that we would also have to change a lot of other rules as they all bounce off of each other, which we don't feel would be good. Thanks for the suggestion~


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