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    Default Garage Green Zone?

    Alright guys we are coming to you to hear about whether the garages should be green zones. Please vote and put reasons why you feel that it should or should no be a green zone below.
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    I personally think that it should be a green zone 100%. I was on yesterday for some time to check out the new update and for about an hour that I was at the garage, there were people just fu****g about. There was no sensible nor valuable RP. It was just speed into the garage, punch someone then speed out crossing the grass, breaking so many road laws. The intersection that is there doesn't seem to exist for anyone else as the red lights are just blatantly ignored. *Someone* shot another person in the head without any good RP and ran off(not RDM but very LowEffortRP).

    From my experience, as it is right now, there's just chaos in that area rather than it being used as a destination to meet people and organizing fun RP scenarios. Making it a green zone will take away the "bad guy" (mostly sh** low effort) RP and encourage more friendly environment with hopefully more enjoyable moments.

    That's just my opinion so please don't attack me
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    Absolutely. Since we can't own houses or apartments with a working garage, we don't have a place we can securely store or retrieve our vehicles. There have been plenty of cases of people just camping at garages, waiting for someone to rob.

    Plus, I think if I get one more 911 call from the garage, I'm gonna lose it. Everyone's getting admitted to the hospital for a lobotomy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mom View Post
    Pushing civs away from doing illegal stuff at the garages (city garage in particular) will just result in a new common meet-up location, which won’t be any different than the garage. Mine as well just save the hassle and keep the garages at what they are now.
    I see your point mom. However if your way was a thing, there would not be a "common meet-up location" for people who want to do legal stuffs as there will always be people wanting to rob/kidnap/shot you at the garage. Making garages green zones will make it so people who don't do illegal activities (like myself) will have that location where they can have positive and fun RP time and if others want to have a different common location, let them, more RP possibilities.

    Leaving it non green zone in my opinion is only limiting the potential of RP scenarios, as there will not be any common meet-up location that is safe.
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    having the garage as a green zone is a good idea, we don't want legion square madness like we had before, it could serve as a peaceful meetup point, and just going to take out your car to have a bunch of people attempting to rob you when you are just taking out your car to get ur day started, is dumb.

    and i also think that having the garage as a green zone will increase the amount of good role play at the location, people will actually role play instead of just robbing everyone they see at the garage

    I also agree with Remas, it would become a camping location for criminals (waiting for people to take there cars out) and a camping location for police, making it a green zone is required, because if not its just gonna be a shit show and no one wants that.

    And to add on, what does the green zone take away, lets list it.
    1) criminal Rp

    and lets list what it adds/improves
    1) improves the quality role play
    2) Safe meetup location
    3) good place to meet new people without fearing of being robbed
    4) you can take out your vehicles without some dude coming and holding you up, for no reason other than to rob you. (not good rp imo)
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    What did the duck detective say to his partner?

    “Let’s quack this case.”

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    I mean it’s not that hard to go across the street then partake in illegal acts

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    I think just make mirror park garage a green zone, and that's it. If not, make a separate area a green zone for civs to meetup and start RP up and whatever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muffs View Post
    I think just make mirror park garage a green zone, and that's it.
    It's not in mirror park anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedDragonKnight View Post
    It's not in mirror park anymore.

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    Id be for the green zone but only in that parkinglot. Just to keep from getting jacked as soon as you load a car and what not. But having the ability to rp at a place like that, being an easily accessible and widely known location, is a good thing.
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