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    Default Nameless Podcast Episode 6

    Nameless Podcast Episode 6
    6/30/19 | Artist: @PickleZ | Writer: @xValence | #nameless #podcast #edgegamers

    As a new season begins, we are proud to be continuing a series which has seen a lot of success in the past, the Nameless Podcast. The sixth episode is scheduled to be livestreamed to our Twitch on June 30th at 9:00 PM ET and will be uploaded to our YouTube after it finishes airing. As for the hosts, Legend, Arbiter, and Coder will be present to talk about a wide variety of topics.

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    PODCAST IS TONIGHT! Post some topic suggestions and questions.

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    best anime
    top 10 anime betrayals
    "What is your shoe size?"
    "Favorite drink?"
    do a girl voice

    "What game do you play the most currently?"
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    2020 Politicians
    Favorite game and gamemodes
    What got you into eGO / pG

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    Quote Originally Posted by maryvaletemp View Post

    2020 Politicians
    Quote Originally Posted by EGO Code of Conduct
    7.No names, chat or sprays that advocate or oppose a political stance, terrorism or religion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taco View Post
    Not sure if that applies to a podcast but if it does then nevermind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maryvaletemp View Post
    Not sure if that applies to a podcast but if it does then nevermind.
    I would say to just avoid it in general because nobody wants an argument
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    Steam Summer Sale Suggestions
    Recent game being played (suggested already, but good)
    what lovely weather we're having
    favorite movies and why
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    Why did you join ego, when, why, what kept you here?

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