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    Default 24 Hour Event - July 5th-6th

    24 Hour Event - July 5th-6th
    6/28/19 | #cs #events #edgegamers

    Calling Counter-Strike players! Join us Friday, July 5th for our 24 hour event!

    • Event Date: July 5
    • Event Time (ET): 10PM
    • Event Server IP:
    • Additional Instructions: Be in TeamSpeak with lots of energy!

    One of Counter-Strike's biggest events! We'll be hosting for 24 hours straight. It will start at 10PM ET on July 5th and end at 10PM ET on July 6th. The CS ECs will take turns hosting various events and will even try out some new things, so be sure to try and make it! You don't have to stay for the whole 24 hours, but if you think you can handle it, then try to do it.

    The Counter-Strike ECs will be coordinating this event. If you have any questions forward them to Michael Bolton. We will see you there!

    Check EdgeGamers out on Social Media:
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    Hopefully I might be able to make this.. maybe... probably not. Whether I am allowed to participate or not, if the event team would like any custom maps or anything made for an event to help them reach 24 hours, I am here to help!

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    I'll probably be able to make it to this, it sounds super fun!
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    Perfect opportunity to try and get these achievements for those that don't have them already or for those that aren't aware that they exist.

    CS:GO Don't tase me, bro!: Tase a leadership member

    CS:GO I Will Be Heard: Dominate any Leadership member

    I'll see you all there.

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    Good luck to everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by r_cu View Post
    If I stay the entire 24 hours do I get a badge?
    You are asking the real question here.
    Thanks Matrix thanked for this post

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    Damn, Ima sadly be travelling on the 5th but hope y'all have a blast in the event ~

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    i should be able to make it for a few hours of this, woulda gone the entire time but i got school stuff.

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    Ill come and go from time to time.

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    Would be there but i work from 6pm to 7 am on the weekends
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