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    Default Public Safety Application - jimmel

    GTA Public Safety Application
    Roleplay First Name
    Roleplay Last Name
    What is your real age?
    Discord Name
    Preferred method of contact:
    Do you have a mic and teamspeak installed?
    Position you are applying for:
    Los Santos County Police Department
    Why do you want to become emergency services?
    [for the past applications when I have been declined and told to clean up my act]. I have got a job at mechanic and done a lot of role playing situations and not been fail role play and not acting immature for being a cop I would like to be a cop because being a cop in Los Santos would be good role play. For when im a mechanic it fun but pd is good because you get to help people in situations and I was a cop before I know the calls and what to do in situations and how to make them longer and better for role play.
    Have you applied to Emergency Services in the past?
    Have you ever been banned from another role playing server before?
    Have you ever been a member of other role playing communities or Grand Theft Auto (SA/IV/V) servers?
    Who were you referred by?
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    Upon review of the now complete application, myself and the recruitment team have determined your in-eligibility to become a LEO due to your disciplinary actions against you in the server. If you still wish to pursue a position as a LEO, your application will be reviewed again once shown more involved within the community from you.

    Daniel Raimundo,
    Recruitment Team
    EdgeGamers Gaming Community[/CENTER]

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