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    Default !ghost blocking bullets

    Everytime i'm the last t alive and i'm rebeling, there's always a ghost blocking my bullets. Its always annoying to find out you did zero damage after spraying an entire clip into a ct. If this could be fixed it would be much appreciated so I don't end up smashing my monitor (it also makes me look bad since most people don't understand what happened) thanks!
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    i think the only way to fix it is to remove the plugin altogether, as i beleive the ghosts are still playermodels and playermodels block bullets
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    Heres a clip of ghosts blocking my bullets:
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    @kaZZ i had the same thing happen to me, it was undertale and I sprayed down like 4 cts in the vents and got zero damage which is actually the reason i'm making this thread
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    As Iíve expressed many times before I absolutely despise this plugin. It was meant to be fixed, but clearly that didnít work out. Itís truly game-breaking, the amount of time Iíve either slammed my desk or hit my monitor because of this plugin is too many to count. Please remove it.

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    yea, they added it back though and it still isnt fixed so i wanted to revive the topic

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    After seeing the issues that come with the ghost plugin, we've decided to temporarily remove it from the server. Once we are able to get the rest of these bugs resolved within the plugin, we can possibly see about adding it back onto the server.

    This change will occur when the server is restarted.
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