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    Hey guys, its been awhile since i checked in. Just an update on what been going on in my life.

    Lost my grandmother last Christmas. I learn she was hospitalized on Dec 21. And Dec 23rd, she'd passed into God's hands. So I spent Christmas day flying back to the Philippines.

    Still trying to get in the Army, messed up on paperwork and they found out I have AdHD while i was abroad, so busy trying to get that sorted. Amazon is really screwing me on that one.

    Currently sitting unemployed after getting laid off.

    Other than that, I really haven't been playing BF lately, just haven't had the drive. Been playing the division 2 if anyone's game.

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    Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Hope your enlistment problems are resolved quickly. Hang in there, the best from all of us here at EGO.
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    Hope to see you here soon. Don't let life get you down, there will be more "ups" for sure.

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    Sorry to your hear about your loss man, Hope you get your ADHD issue resolved, I know it's a hassle, you probably go get waiver for that . Good luck with all brother!

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    Always more ups then downs my friend! Keep your head up man it will all get better!

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