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    Quote Originally Posted by SpleeF View Post
    I definately recommend you get a big server host, one that can support a cSgo server with 64people, and 15gb+ bandwidth because RUST servers will need to be reset weekly because that is how you get it. I recommend you look at uMOD and Oxide. They are best for modded servers, like 50x or 10x servers. If you need help setting it up I will configure it for you for free!
    Good luck with your poll man.

    +1 for rust server
    Um yea eGO has there server situation covered...
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    what they said
    Thanks r_cu thanked for this post
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    Funniest things i have heard Summer say :
    “ ma'am ma'am! I know you look like a golf cart but that doesn't mean you can be a golf cart”
    "Ughhh can someone go to the bathroom for me. I don't want to get up or do that."
    “So what do you think of his uh...banana”
    “Grandpa! Where is your pants!”
    "I just tackled BigTram in the parking lot of the PD and never felt so ALIVE! Bed will be interesting”
    "First I ban Rekty and now trying to have an event an hr before hand"

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    It depends on a lot of factors, but if it seemed around what I play, I'd give it a go.
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    I recently have bought rust and this sounds dope and i'm all down for it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhem Death View Post
    Hey, I've seen this before...

    Best of luck!
    I was there for the legacy server.. Oh the drama (sorry I like to raid), but man did I have fun. I think Dominion burned his PC after that short lived fiasco.

    Currently I play on the Battlefield servers and they can be a blast. Fast resources and map wipes seems to be a popular thing.
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    If it was a modded server, I'd love to play. Possibly a no BP server or something. Vanilla is to slow for me.
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    i think we should make a eGO zerg,therfore we dont have to make the server,we can just....take over a server
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