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    Default Welcoming our new CS Admin Trainers!

    With the Summer season in full swing, let us take a moment to recognize and congratulate the following members on becoming our newest CS Admin Trainers:

    These individuals have gone above and beyond in EdgeGamers and have become a beacon of knowledge recently, especially with our rules. Additionally, these new Admin Trainers will assist with training our future generations of admins and will ensure they are of the highest quality.

    Please join us in congratulating them!

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    Steam | Twitter | Information | Discord: Andrew#2659 | Hisssssssss

    Other miscellaneous roles:
    EdgeGamers, Resident Snake Enthusiast
    Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Sergeant of Administration
    San Andreas Department of Public Safety, Web Developer

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    Congrats luna and power!!
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    Member Services EC Manager
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    Discord: 3dsam#3179

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    Cheers to you two. Now you have to deal with me more. Sorry in advance.
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    Congrats on becoming AT @Power_Outlet @Luna well deserved.
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    Senior Manager for Member Services,
    Interested in joining and a G level admin? Apply here

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    Congrats on AT @Power_Outlet and @Luna!
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    @Power_Outlet literally lost me my match, k i dont like him now.

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    Still a smelly raisin but congrats on the promotion @Power_Outlet , also congrats @Luna
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    11-02-2019 =(e)=
    01-01-2020 =(eG)=
    01-26-2020 JB SS
    02-14-2020 =(eGO)=
    02-16-2020 AT
    04-12-2020 EC

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