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    Default Ability to pay bail (Suggestion)

    It’d be cool if you could bail your friend out of jail. For example, they are caught driving without a license, and are facing 5 months in jail. You post $10,000 bail to the booking officer (1 month = $2,000), and he/she is let go on probation. If caught again, bail will not be an option.

    Obviously, if you rob a bank and shoot 6 cops, bail won’t be an option. This would only apply to Misdemeanor charges and under, with exceptions for some less-heinous Felony charges.

    The whole process of getting sent to jail gets really boring really fast, and I feel something like this could make the RP more unique and non-repetitive for both sides.
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    I like it, gets you a way to get back out for a price.
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    If letting blaziken out on probation has taught me anything, its that nobody is actually going to take it seriously and are just going to go rebuy all their guns and continue being a criminal. Without a court system, letting people out on bail is simply letting them pay to avoid punishment for arrest.

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