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    Default May Community Newsletter

    May Community Newsletter
    6/18/19 | Artist: Coder | Writers: Blazey, mom | Editor: xValence | #may #newsletter #edgegamers

    As we enter the month of June, with Summer right around the corner, we'd like to take a moment and look back at the accomplishments we have done here at EdgeGamers within the past month.

    Jailbreak 1.52 Release!

    2v2 Tournament Concludes.

    Important EdgeGamers Game Updates!

    Rest Easy, Rogue Sniper.

    The Stream Team Returns!

    Nameless Podcast: Episode 5.

    Summer Counter Strike Promotions.

    Vote for our new Community Spotlight!

    Thank you to our Nitro Boosters!

    Thank you to our May Dedicated Supporters!

    Missed the April Community Newsletter?

    Interested in joining the Media Team? Start here.

    Counter Strike
    ~Jailbreak 1.52 was released
    ~New warden menu, gangs, and maps
    ~!ghost command reintroduced and optimized
    ~2 new Managers: Michael Bolton and AshStix
    ~Click here for the full changelog!

    Grand Theft Auto
    ~Extra jobs were added (Poacher, Drug Dealer, Hacker, Security)
    ~Successful progress with OneSync
    ~Whitelisted job applications are open
    ~Click here for the full changelog!

    ~Stay tuned for new Minecraft news and features!

    Team Fortress 2
    ~Server restart time was changed
    ~Lots of promotions!
    ~Brand new map: Edifice
    ~Want to stay updated with TF2? Click here.

    ~Interested in joining the Media Team? Click here to get started.

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    Y'all done good, keep it up! TF2 and CSGO are doing amazing! GTA V I haven't played on, but I assume it's doing just as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by xValence View Post
    As we enter the month of June

    For real though, CS:GO, very cool. So cool I came back from the void of Rust to start playing Jailbreak and TTT again. o.O

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