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    Default How to Communicate Concerns with the FBI

    Since this anonymous survey was posted, I see a few concerns with the FBI but none of them specifically address an agent or agents, it's mostly blanket statements. I believe this is due to people not knowing how to properly communicate their concerns. Please use this post to accurate and properly communicate your concerns with the FBI. All of your concerns will be taken seriously.

    The FBI Rank Structure.

    Special Agent in Charge
    SAC Adam Savage, FED 1 (Adam)

    Assisant Special Agent in Charge
    ASAC Cowboy Tram, FED 2 (bigtram)

    Supervisory Special Agents
    SSA Austin Clarkson, FED 3 (Legend)
    SSA Noah Haynes, FED 4 (RipplyTiger151
    SSA Michael McCarthy, FED 5 (EnviousRG)

    Special Agents
    SA Winter Night[, FED 6 (Summer)
    SA Don Juan, FED 7 (GardenGroveVW)
    SA Dylan Jones, FED 8 (RedDragonKnight)
    SA Matt Knuckle, FED 9 (USCG Hammer)
    SA Jack Lueckenbach, FED 10 (Jack L)
    SA Burt Macklin, FED 11 (Taylor27)
    SA Dakota Rodgers, FED 12 (Inkery)
    SA Steve Hightower, FED 13 (Hideout)
    SA Spencer Strasmore, FED 14 (Covert)

    Probationary Agents
    FED 15

    So, how do I communicate that I have an issue? It's hard to know who's doing what all the time and it makes it easier to correct an issue when we know who is doing what. Please use the following methods if you have a concern with something within the FBI. Forum profiles are linked within the rank structure.

    Roleplay Concerns

    These are concerns about a scene or the way an agent conducts themselves in the execution of their duties as a member of the FBI. This includes their driving, use of weapons, ect.

    Concerns with the SAC - Send a forum PM to Austin Clarkson.
    Concerns with the ASAC - Send a forum PM to Adam Savage.

    Concerns with a SSA - Send a forum PM to both Adam Savage or Cowboy Tram.
    Concerns with a SA - Send a forum PM to any SSA.
    Concerns with a PA - Send a forum PM to any SA or SSA.

    Admin Concerns

    These are concerns with how these individuals present themselves as a member of the community, an admin and a member of leadership. Please direct all concerns of admin related issues to the proper individual.

    Concerns with the COO, Adam. - Send a forum PM to the CEO, Legend.
    Concerns with the Community Manager, Bigtram. - Send a forum PM to Adam and USCG Hammer.

    Concerns with the Senior Managers - Send a forum PM to Bigtram and USCG Hammer.
    Concerns with the Manager - Send a forum PM to any of the senior managers.

    Please respect the chain of command. Do not bring all of your issues with the CEO or the COO. Bring them to the appropriate person and if necessary, it will be elevated. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can choose to do so.
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