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Thread: Maybe good news

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    I have thought long and hard about leaving eGO. As it has come to my conclusion, I will be staying at eGO. Arbiter told me stuff that I thought was pretty important to me trying to believe to get over the past 6 months of being here and I think that if I still were to believe the stuff he told me. It could happen. Thanks @Arbiter . Hope to see you guys back on JB. I guess you won't miss your fellow gaming bot
    Your Fellow Gaming Bot, MSI<3
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    Good to have you back!
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    Gabe is my favorite person on the planet. I aspire to be like him
    =(e)= Sometime in 2016
    =(eG)= I can't remember
    =(eGO)= Tuesday?

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    Hope to see you around sometime!
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    Welcome back, hope ya have fun on the servers!
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