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Thread: Add some stuff?

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    1. PLEASE, PLEASE add a feature to when you are trying to @ someone it comes up with a pop-up that allows you to see who you are trying to @. It is SO annoying having to copy the persons name down letter by letter as sometimes names can be hard

    2. I know, I know... We have the "Shoutbox" but really no one uses it. I feel as if we added something BIGGER. Maybe like the "Latest Forum Posts"... Have a whole side of the website dedicated to chatting real time just like the shoutbox. You may say "Oh, that is what Discord and Teamspeak are for!" But what about new people just now joining the website and eGO forums. They won't know that there is a Teamspeak and Discord. I feel as if it would bring more players to know each other.

    3. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE PM SYSTEM. I have sent multiple PM's in the year I have been here, but I can NOT find any records of them. I feel as if maybe you updated the system to view and send PM's easier people would use them more often.

    4. I feel as if you need to make your Teamspeak and Discord more apparent. As some of you may know I just came back after a decently long break in which in that time frame I left the Discord and forgot the TS address. Maybe have a "Social Media" tab at the top with "Home, Forum, Join"

    5. I think we should definitely start advertising our server more. I am definitely going to start pushing more players in as I think the bigger the community the bigger the friendships. I love the tight-knit community, but I feel as if there are more people who have been here for YEARS than there are new. HUNDREDS quit after the merge because they hadn't seen how well setup and managed the servers are here. Maybe if we get the word out more we'd get some of those OG's back. I was thinking about introducing a new MAIN game. In my words "Main Game" is the most popular and well-known servers. I'd say the Main Games here are CS and GTA. I think introducing a new game maybe like wait for the next huge game to come out, get a dev team and design a server game and continue the legacy of Jail, TTT, MG, and all of the fun games we have now.

    -That's been it for me tonight dudes and dudets. Hope y'all consider my ideas and have a good day/night.

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    Forgive me if I made any grammatical mistakes up there. Didn't proof read

    OH, also... feel free to drop your thoughts on these changes. I would like to hear other peoples opinions!
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    1) I would like the mention addon for this forum as well. This one is apparently the most effective one?

    2) The shoutbox panel needs no change in my opinion, and should be kept as is.

    3) In the General settings: scroll down until you find 'Sent Private Messages:' and check "Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default".

    4) Well the discord link is sticky-ed in the shout box already. The teamspeak server is located under the gaming section. I agree it should be under the posted somewhere together. I believe @; was doing something related to this.

    5) I believe we have a designated team for this

    Nice suggestions
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