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    Default JB - Zombie Days

    Zombie days are one of the new special days that were added. I believe that because of the gravity zombies have and the infinite ammo the prisoners have it's a little unfair. When prisoners go into climb to defend off the zombies, climbing up the blocks is hard enough, and having 10 guns mowed into you makes it nearly impossible to get to people. Something that might help this would be for prisoners to just not have infinite ammo. Making them use their bullets more wisely and groups of prisoners defending an area more beneficial. I was wondering what you guys thought of the zombie days and if you have any other ideas to make the playing field more even.
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    +1 Yep. Yep. This is a definite problem for zombie days. This solution is one of the best- if not, the best one I've seen. I also think the majority/all of the secrets should be automatically disabled when the day starts. This would prevent people from getting into some really dumb areas that are practically impossible to get to as a zombie. It would also stop people from taking one time secrets like the AWP secret in VIP. My original solution to this was just give the zombies exo-jump, but then again, I like yours a lot better.
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    it looks like u guys are planning to make a zombie escape mod?????? im just guessing

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    +1 I'd say give zombies a usp that gives 1 bullet everytime you kill someone or every bullet every 15-25 seconds., or give zombie nades.
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    i say just get rid of the gamemode it doesnt work on jb, even with less ammo the ts win if theres a climb, they can still just mow down zombies that try the climb, then if you try to give zombies anything other than a knife the ts have no chance with 20 hp, i dont think theres a way to make it fair, no matter what is done people are going to still complain about some part, maybe you could keep it the way it is and have the ts be the zombies because it would only make since for there to be more zombies than humans, but then with that theres too many zombies that are too fast, the speed would have to go down, overall theres no quick and easy fix to it.
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    i agree with what spraayz said, its a fun concept but it doesn't really work with jb. to truly balance it either basically all maps would have to be redesigned, or for the plugin to be modified so much that it wouldn't really represent a zombie day anymore anyway. there's also the point of there are 8(?) special days, and i'mn sure ive never seen all of them be used. it's p much always zombie, noscope, teleport. removing it/replacing it would be a good idea, for this reason and others.
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    Whoever put the time into creating this special day, thank you. We do appreciate it, along with the rest of the new ones. The execution is indeed just difficult for jailbreak and finding a perfect solution is hard.
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