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    Default Hi.

    So, I actually go under the name yangboi instead of Player81. I came here to see whatís goin on and what all the commotionís about. Itís weird though, a lot of people I see here are COMPLETELY different on servers

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    Welcome to EGO!
    11-02-2019 =(e)=
    01-01-2020 =(eG)=
    01-26-2020 JB SS
    02-14-2020 =(eGO)=
    02-16-2020 AT
    04-12-2020 EC

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    Welcome to the forums !
    Member Servies EC

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    Hello, and welcome to Edge Gamers! Enjoy your stay here with us!

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    Have a wonderful time on eGO! Servers and Forums are amazing and you'll meet a lot of new people!

    ~ =(e)= 1/16/2019
    ~Banned 3/10/2019
    ~Unbanned 4/10/2019
    ~One Year in eGO! 1/16/2020
    ~ =(eG)= Not Yet
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    Hey @Player81! Welcome to EdgeGamers! Enjoy your stay!

    Steam | Twitter | Information | Discord: Andrew#2659 | Hisssssssss

    Other miscellaneous roles:
    EdgeGamers, Resident Snake Enthusiast
    Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Sergeant of Administration
    San Andreas Department of Public Safety, Web Developer

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    Hey, welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay, and hope to see you on TTT too! :3
    ~ HooVay to the Rescue ~

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    Welcome to eGO!
    WHO WANTS A FREE COOKIE? - Enrique16ish when joins

    (ADMINS) =(eGO)= Jacko: Interested in becoming an eGO member? Visit
    (ADMINS) =(eGO)= Jacko: LMAO
    (ADMINS) =(eG)= Enrique16ish: LMAO
    (ADMINS) =(eGO)= Jacko: whoops
    (ADMINS) =(eGO)= CtrlAltDelicious: Rip!
    (ADMINS) =(eG)= Enrique16ish: OOF

    *DEAD* =(eG)= Enrique16ish : !music Mayhem Grabbing Cookies
    *DEAD* [General] =(eGO)= Mayhem Death : That is a good song

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    Howdy! Welcome to eGO and the TF2 community! Hope to see ya soon!

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