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    Default TF2 is hiring Specialty Teams!

    For consideration for these positions you need to be an O level admin.
    Event Coordinators (ECs)

    Led By: Vacant
    Status: YES!

    • You must have good standing within the community.
    • You are a confident speaker and have TeamSpeak installed.
    • You have excellent knowledge of EdgeGamers policies - inside and out!
    • You work well in a team.
    • You are in the Team Fortress 2 Division.
    • You regularly play Team Fortress 2.
    • You regularly attend events.
    • You can host at minimum 3 events a month.

    • Schedule and Run Events
    • Advertise and build hype for Events
    • Coordinate and communicate with fellow team members regularly
    • Read and respond to threads in the TF2 Event Coordinator Forum

    How to apply: PM @DrkChocolate

    Recruitment Coordinators (RCs)

    Led By: DrkChocolate
    Status: YES!


    • Want to help people learn how to recruit.
    • Want to help retain our current recruits
    • Free on some evenings, especially Thursdays.
    • Excellent communication while playing.
    • You work well in a team.
    • You regularly play Team Fortress 2.


    • Teach members of the division how to recruit
    • Host recruiting drives
    • Work with team to make monthly events
    • Promote recruiting on our servers
    • Adopt recruits without recruiters to Follow-Up with them

    How to apply: PM @DrkChocolate

    Can message me for any information as well. Or simply reply to this thread to be considered for a position, must inform what position as well.
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