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    Quote Originally Posted by kaZZ View Post

    Sorry @Jacko for ruining your round D:

    The one bullet reload glitch kind of screwed me but it was still a decent clip
    kaZZ mass freekill reeeeeeeeeeeee
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    budget crosshair placement
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    I ain't even mad that was clean as ****
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    Should have done it in the 2v2 tourney

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    kazz teach us ur ways of master rebelling pls
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    That spray is sexy! I wanna see this again please kaZZ
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    reasons why i belive you are cheating XD

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    but im a great guy just add me i dont bite


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    If only he could play like this in a comp match FeelsBadMan
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    Next time you try something like this Kazz, I'm gonna do you like I did this guy:
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