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    Default Paintball - Thursday June 20th


    Host: TinyMuffinLord

    Eliminate the enemy team with your paintball gun! Winners get bragging rights!

    How do I attend?
    Make sure that you're in our teamspeak ( a little before the time displayed below. The password will ONLY be given on TeamSpeak

    Event Server

    Event times
    Paintball will be held on Thursday, June 20th
    PST: 4PM | EST: 7PM
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    I hope this event doesnt includes shotguns
    (° ͜ʖ°)
    but anyways, ill be there!
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    I will be there, not really sure what paintball guns are in cs but sounds fun lol


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    Dang, sounds fun. I might be there for 20-30 min

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    dang it I'm at school
    AlKawai - talk to me anytime

    Im a Map maker for csgo

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    Something new, I'll come.
    Thanks Snowy thanked for this post

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    btw corrupted ngl kinda sexy

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