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    Would love to see a option to hold races. Everyone meets together at any location and puts entry fee in. Leader picks a spot (everyone gets GPS cords) then a count down starts and everyone races.

    This would add to the criminal side of the server also the PD as they would have multiple vehicles they would have to try and track down and persue.

    This would give Civi's another option to spend their money.

    ALSO a casino - Altho this community is for all ages GTA 5 is a 18+ game with that being there is no micro-transactions and you can only spend what you make in the game anyways i dont think it could/would lead to any gambling issues. With that being said i do believe a casino would also help with players looking to spend that money besides the obvious cars/guns.

    This would add a element for the PD / Criminal / Civi's as the casino would be a huge RP area in my opinion as you could host a tux/nightwear events and you could also even add it in to have it as another "heist" (even more RP as now there is probably gonna be civilians there and PD would have to adjust accordingly).

    For more Criminal/Gang venues: i dont know if this is a option or not but having "turf" ie Random Circles throught the map could generate Dirty cash by selling drugs by a NPC or "dealer" there to dispense it to the local population. Could also keep the collect/process/sell locations as we have them now for the "suppliers" that would move 1,000's of Kilos per shipment kinda thing
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    I'd like to see a lot of the cars that aren't driven and don't really have any value for RP removed. And in their place start adding some actually nice cars. There's lots of suggested cars currently that haven't been added / replied to in the thread. I'd also like to see more weapons added for civs to use, as well as doing away with the SOPs for gangs. The reason for removing the SOP is, there's thousands of servers to pick from. If a group of people come into the server and want to run a gang and we tell them.. hey guess what you need to submit some document that might not even be accepted.. well then they'll probably just leave. It also kind of ruins RP. If I wanted to have some like orange gang one day and get a turf war going with some friends that wear purple.. well I need a SOP for that scene. Plus any issues of failrp etc that might be caused by someone that has an accepted SOP probably would have happened either way. There needs to be less barriers for civs to do things, there's too many steps and too many limitations. For instance, flying helicopters. Why can we not simply admin people that are flying like morons and landing in the streets? If you set the price of helicopters high enough, only people vested in the server will own one. To sum it all up, we need to retain people and I think the best way is removing limitations, and adding more quality content.

    I think it needs to be looked at as how a new civ would view the server. What sets this server apart from others? And if the answer is nothing in terms of content or quality RP, then they'll simply leave and join a whitelisted server or find a new non whitelisted one.
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    Get rid of the black market, and if the SOPs for gangs are approved and we get a few potentially in the server I think we should get rid of the blackmarket. Give them some buildings with a door lock on it like the PD, for instance one gang could have the vanilla unicorn. This would then be considered private property. Now inside of the vanilla unicorn in the back, they would have access to their own gang circle. One gang could have access to a certain drug, and be able to money launder at 1:1 instantly. Another gang could have access to certain weapons, and then other gangs could have access to certain weapons. What this does is it then requires people to RP. There's now a reason to be in a gang, there's now a reason to make deeper connections, and it will get some organized crime going in the city. This would also be a benefit for the police department, as it would give them something deeper to do than simply traffic stops. This also makes it so people aren't going around robbing everyone in sight, if you rob someone in a gang or connected to a gang they probably won't be getting those weapons again in the future.
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