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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremy_duck View Post
    Planes should be allowed to fly over the city ( i have no idea why that is a rule ) and planes should be more useful to players, helicopter rides should be able to be bought from airlines, they could assist you with reconning a bank robbery location, and possibly get you up to a area you cannot get to without a helicopter, they could be bought off, or you could just go for a cool helicopter ride (I understand that airlines would every now and then give plane rides) there should be a advantage in flight, maybe you add tole roads between the city and the county, so every time you would cross the road it would cost you like 500$ or what ever amount is reasonable, and make the price for a plane ride to the airport 50-70% lower than those roads (you could make it so the speed cameras are in a certain spot on that road and it costs you how ever much when you cross it, regardless of speed.
    Main reason for the rule is because as we have seen, including actual whitelisted pilots, people do not know how to be realistic. For example, being stupid and running to buildings or landing on roads. If we brought back flights over the cities, hitting buildings or landing roads on purpose should be bannable offenses IMO.
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    I would also like to see a script implemented to automatically freeze people after every x amount of seconds so they don't fall through the map and then you can't see them or whatever happens. It's really disruptive to have to always go in OOC and be like "who died here?" Or if they go AFK or whatever happens, I just feel like it's a necessity.
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    I really like Duck's idea of adding more stuff to the player houses, player flying and the big bank robbery. Would give cops with air certifications more to do as well as players, and make owning a house really cool and a big milestone. Also his black market idea is absolutely dope, I'd love to be able to buy body armor there along with illegal mods.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuttie View Post
    more cars/trucks, player owned businesses, balanced cars, the cheaper cars shouldn't be faster than the million dollar cars, more events
    If you ever wanted to have a player owned business it is very possible. All you have to do is make an SOP and submit it to leadership.
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    Maybe add a casino to add a spot for people to hang out at. Also something to spend money on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
    If you ever wanted to have a player owned business it is very possible. All you have to do is make an SOP and submit it to leadership.
    I think he means like an automated business like a gas station where you just collect some of the money spent there.
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    I would like to see more roleplaying in the server overall.
    I would love to see more thoughtful criminal activity and gang operations instead of going around "**** pigs" all the time and speeding off.
    I wish to see everyone trying to better themselves being realistic about situations/scenarios we are in.
    I wish to see more legal unique jobs that are created by imagination and more SOPs pushed through for those.

    I suggest that we all evaluate/re-evaluate ourselves whether a pub/admin/leadership etc on our roleplaying styles and where we want our characters to be. Maturing them to be something much better. There is always room for improvement.
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    I agree with what Arbiter said. It is much harder to find people and interact with them. People used to definitely **** around too much at the garage but it was the area where you could meet with people and go and do stuff. Without the garage there, I feel like people are just too far apart and it makes it much less fun and exciting.
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    I feel having the ability to raid someones house would be cool. I'm trying to think of things that work like nopixel. I know we arent nopixel but that have some good ideas. One would be how we have the animation to pull weapons out, they have it where you pull the gun out of your car, and then its strapped to your back so you dont need a bag on your character and theres an animation that goes along with when taking off back or putting on back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arbiter View Post
    For starters; I would really like to see legion square garage back. I feel that it's impossible to find people on the server. I understand the crime being caused there was borderline stupid... however it was an established meeting point on the server where people could get together and do stuff. Whenever I'm on the server, I can literally never find anyone...

    edit: maybe just make the damn thing a green zone? I won't lie I don't play anymore, mostly because again I can't find anyone to roleplay with... What's the point of a roleplay server if you can't find anyone?

    I know that's a controversial suggestion but that's just my opinion.
    I mean it would be cool and all, but if your looking for more consistent role play all together maybe we should think about an AOP.?

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