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    Default Civilians - What Would YOU Like To See?

    Post your suggestions here.

    Only suggestions - no debating / arguing. Any posts NOT containing suggestions will be deleted.

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    1. Balanced car speeds/prices ($35k S1000 goes faster than $1.35M Koenigsegg)
    2. More things to spend money on other than cars/guns
    3. No priority cooldown pls

    Stop nerfing drug prices

    Less drug patrolling
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    more cars/trucks, player owned businesses, balanced cars, the cheaper cars shouldn't be faster than the million dollar cars, more events
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    I’d love to see more events in the game, more things to spend your money on rather than just cars and guns. Also if possible before Leadership makes a big change to the server, possibly a public poll to engage and involve the community before implementing it. I feel if leadership was more transparent and engaged with the direction the server was heading/where they want it to head, it would be a major +1 for everyone. I know people would really appreciate it if they felt they had, even if small, an impact on the server .
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    A more realistic way of buying vehicles instead of just being able to buy them on the spot no one there.

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    Car speeds and acceleration fixed. It's sickening that the super cars for 1 mil+ are slower than other cars that are much cheaper. Add a purpose for the drugs, for instance if you use cocaine it gives you body armor or makes you run faster. This will make it so you can also sell drugs to players if you have the locations, and add in some potential RP. Transparency with updates is another large one, I cannot tell you how annoying it was to look for turtles for so many hours and then find out they weren't in the server. I'd like to see drug prices stay higher, with more drug patrolling from the PD. Also no priority cool down, it would ruin RP for others. For instance you get on a police chase and then shoot at some cops, well now every officer is responding and it ties things up and prevents RP that COULD have happened.

    Player owned businesses I think is also another good idea, it gives money another purpose. For instance you can set the prices of the store you own. Also add more houses that can be robbed / purchased. Also I'd like to see the bank up in the Hollywood area used for bank robberies. The interior is so incredibly nice, and on top of that it's not one way in and one way out. I'd also like to see a way to sling weapons. It makes no sense to do /me slings weapon. The reason for this is if in an RP scenario someone types slow then they are at a disadvantage. If someone has it on a stream deck or copied.. well then they can just whip it out. I'd also like to see /me text appear on players that are doing it. How are you supposed to know who is who in a large RP scene?

    I also think that there is a lot of low quality cars currently available to be purchased, ones that people do not use and realistically probably will never really use. I would like to see most cop cars topping out at 130, with a lot of sports cars topping out around the same. I think super cars should go somewhere around 150-170, because realistically a cop car won't be catching a super car if you run. But if you run in your super car, then it should obviously be impounded and then taken from you. I'd also like to see a way to add illegal modifications to your car, for instance maybe NOS or another stage in upgrades. This would be something that is not only expensive, but if found with it then they would be removed from the car.

    I would also like to see polls on the forums that are anonymous where people will be able to respond and speak their mind without risk of "repercussions" (I'm sure some are scared to speak out if they see issues.) For instance it could ask "How is the state of the server?" "What do you think leadership could do better?" "What do you think is currently working well?" It should be anonymous because it will let people be completely honest, and also if they need to be critical yet constructive it will allow this avenue.
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    For starters; I would really like to see legion square garage back. I feel that it's impossible to find people on the server. I understand the crime being caused there was borderline stupid... however it was an established meeting point on the server where people could get together and do stuff. Whenever I'm on the server, I can literally never find anyone...

    edit: maybe just make the damn thing a green zone? I won't lie I don't play anymore, mostly because again I can't find anyone to roleplay with... What's the point of a roleplay server if you can't find anyone?

    I know that's a controversial suggestion but that's just my opinion.
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    Personally, a more "realistic" economy would be phenomenal. I know that there has been a lot of push back on this before but I think it is the best for the server. There is no way in hell with our current economy state that we can balance out car speeds and it be anywhere near fair for any party. I'm completely fine with a proper balance of the cop cars and civ cars but I just hope that it doesn't become abused. However, proper impounding will help rectify that issue, but that's outside of the point of this thread.

    I know that a lot of people don't like the fact that they weren't able to get more than like $10,000 in an hour while playing in the server but honestly, I think that will help improve the longevity of the server (credit to Remas for this wording). It should take a while before you can actually buy a nice lambo. People who aren't lucky enough to be born into a rich family spend yearssssssssssssss trying to even get a remotely nice vehicle. That feeling should be equivalent here.

    The issue that I personally see is that a lot of the civ roleplay currently is heavily based on drugs or illegal activities. I personally would like to see a decrease in those with more reward for more risk (example: a little more income than legal jobs but more risk of getting caught). If you increase the pay of criminal stuff and don't ensure there is risk, then you run into what we have now. But if you have nice prices for legal activities and that risk, people may be leaning more towards legal activities.

    There's limited amounts of legal job scripts out there and without scripting some ourselves, the amount of physical jobs that are available are limited. I feel that sometimes people forget the fact that the purpose of this server is not to come on and earn money solely and treat it like a minigame but instead it is that it is a life server and should be treating it like they were living in it. Would you want to rob a store and face the sentence of like over a year in jail? Would you shoot at cops easily knowing that you would shot and killed soon after or spend the rest of your life in jail? Which is another sensitive topic of characters. Legend has brought this up many times and I 100% agree with him. People forget to actually develop their character and instead will just be running around doing stupid stuff. I would like to see more people focusing on interacting with other people in the "state" and building up relationships, etc. There are many examples that Legend has posted of how this can be successfully done.

    I'm gonna probably shoot myself in the foot but one of the things I wasn't a big fan of was the removal of the various custom shops around the map. Sure, I understand that the purpose of this is to promote more mechanic roleplay but it is a major inconvenience to have to drive all the way from one side of the city to another when there are physical shops all over the city.

    Another dope thing would to bring in the option for completely separate characters. This would be great not only for civs to be able to separate what money and stuff the various characters have but this will be even better for cops as well.
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    Id love to see houses having way more use than just storage, and i'm in complete agreement with ripply, the economy needs to be a lot more realistic.

    When you get your first vehicle it should feel like an achievement, but right now it doesn't, When you get a house it should feel like a Huge achievement and make you so happy you jump up and down like you are a little kid watching spider man or something, I have always wanted each and every house to have their own garages with a car storage of 1 or 2 vehicles, this would make logging off at your house more realistic and then when you get in the server you wouldn't have to steal a car, every time you logged in at your house

    the black market should be for everything illegal not just guns, illegal vehicle modification (like reinforced glass for example) weapon's and weapon modifications, body Armour etc. and the black market should be a market as well, where you could sell illegal goods like an shop you sell the goods for how ever much you would like to sell it for, and then you could get gangs involved and they could have decreased prices on goods and then can sell them back to the player for cheaper than what the base price is but more than what they bought it for so they turn a profit, and like muffs was saying drugs should have advantages if you use them (which would give players a reason to buy them).

    there should be reasons to use boats, turtle catching for example would have to be fished in certain areas in the sea, lets say 4 certain areas, you could either net fish for the turtles, you could jump off your boat and go spear fishing (no idea how that could work) and you would need lets say a scuba gear set, that you could get from a job or you could make it where that gear is illegal and needs to be bought off the Black market. another way to make boats more useful is let people catch an expensive fish if they are lucky so you are fishing for an hour and lets say you catch 10 salmon, and a bunch of other fish, the salmon is worth a lot more money than the normal fish you would catch, in our economy it would be like 5,000$ or what ever per fish but the chance on catching said fish balances it it would need to be like a 1-5% chance on catching it etc.

    Planes should be allowed to fly over the city ( i have no idea why that is a rule ) and planes should be more useful to players, helicopter rides should be able to be bought from airlines, they could assist you with reconning a bank robbery location, and possibly get you up to a area you cannot get to without a helicopter, they could be bought off, or you could just go for a cool helicopter ride (I understand that airlines would every now and then give plane rides) there should be a advantage in flight, maybe you add tole roads between the city and the county, so every time you would cross the road it would cost you like 500$ or what ever amount is reasonable, and make the price for a plane ride to the airport 50-70% lower than those roads (you could make it so the speed cameras are in a certain spot on that road and it costs you how ever much when you cross it, regardless of speed.

    The actual bank on vine wood should be robbable , I understand voice range is a big problem so you could have a few guys up to the front so they can talk to the officers outside, there could be security officers posted outside (securo serv boys) for added role play, and it would require a group of people to actual plan a robbery on the place, the way you could make the Securo serv guys guard the place is like the bank job, make them go there and have it so they gotta sit there for like 10 mins to get paid and have it rotate thru a few locations, and make the pay good. Additionally regarding the voice range, you aren't required to be able to talk to the dudes inside the bank, yea it would be nice to talk to them but it doesn't always work out like that, you can try to but if you get no answer you are going to have to make entry on both entrances, also regarding the vault door issue, i'm sure members of the dev team can figure out a way to either make that door static and unopenable, or remove it

    im just spitting what i got in my mind out there, i want to see the server become the best it can possibly be, some of this might be a little unreadable but im sure you managed.
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