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    Lightbulb GTA: Player Owned Shops.

    Hey GTAV

    With a few changes underway, there will be a shop update where players themselves can own a shop. The script currently has 20 shops and appears to be customizable to where we can put them just about anywhere.

    So, what we will most likely be doing is making the prices outrageous so that randoms can not get the shop. Like 50m which can be obtained with an approved SOP. You will be required to get an SOP to own a shop and maintain it. There will be certain items the government/companies will auto ship (food items) to your store and you can sell at a different price. 77 items we have in our DB that you can put in...from live chickens to medkits. It is important that you maintain the shop or the IRS will be in town and take it away.

    The whole script should be done by the end of this week so you are welcome to make SOPs and submit them to our Contact Leadership forums. Release date is still pending just to make sure there isnt issues with it but expect it soon enough.

    Please submit an SOP if interested in owning a shop.

    Required: Name of Store
    What you plan on selling

    If planning on selling at a shop that isnt listed(please show where on map in SOP)

    Thanks !
    -GTA LE Team
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    Sounds interesting.
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    Just copying over, finishing up today on the things. DS had the first round of SOPs in. Now everyone has a chance.

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    Name of store: San Andreas Food Exchange
    What we sell: food and water
    Owner: Kit Starkweather

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    Quote Originally Posted by VGKfangirl View Post
    Name of store: San Andreas Food Exchange
    What we sell: food and water
    Owner: Kit Starkweather
    Send that here.

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    Been waiting for this for a while
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    Quote Originally Posted by mom View Post
    Send that here.
    Thanks! Submitted <3
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