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    Default Public Safety Application - jimmel

    GTA Public Safety Application
    Roleplay First Name
    Roleplay Last Name
    What is your real age?
    Discord Name
    Preferred method of contact:
    Do you have a mic and teamspeak installed?
    Position you are applying for:
    Los Santos County Police Department
    Why do you want to become emergency services?
    i would like to become lspd becuase i play on this server alot and to be real its the only server that is the only good one like control wise and people repecting the people who run the ctiy also i love the police work they do it so real life i would love to become a cop and get into rp with people and treat it as a real life situation hope to talk with u soon
    Have you applied to Emergency Services in the past?
    Have you ever been banned from another roleplaying server before?
    Have you ever been a member of other roleplaying communities or Grand Theft Auto (SA/IV/V) servers?
    Who were you referred by?

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    Jimmel Braz,

    Due to the circumstances around your previous employment, as well as your dishonest attempt at reapplying before 2 weeks was up on a different account, this application is being denied as well. Until sufficient evidence is presented that your attitude has bettered and that you do care to be a part of the department, any future applications will be denied as well.


    Dylan Jones,
    Assistant Chief of Police
    Los Santos County Police Department
    EdgeGamers Gaming Community

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