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    This might not be anything to worry about, but this has been popping up the last 2 days when going to the edge gamer page, sometimes a 5 minute wait

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    Im pretty sure that this is an auto process CloudFlare uses to try and prevent DDOS attacks, it seems to show up after a attack happened for me though.
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    Yeah I think @3dsam said it all. It is really good process I have seen it on multiple websitse it prevents DDoS attacks. When people try to attack the website they ping at it from multiple fake users and the website has to respond when getting ping therefore imagine getting over thousands of pings in 3 seconds it will make the website crash and people can now do what they want. It is a great idea to use that process.

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    I said the same shit in the Dropbox.

    Every time I clicked on a link, that kept coming up.

    So annoying haha.
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