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    **** man... after an absence this is not what i hoped to come back to....

    Without rogue, ego and jail as a whole would never had been what it it was. shit.. Didnt think id ever cry about someone i never met in real life but, but god damn.. This hurts...

    Rest in peace bud. You were one of the greatest things to happen to this community, and you touched a lot of hearts with the countless work you put in to not only your maps, but to your friendships as well.

    Love ya brother.
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    Rest in peace Rogue. I'll never forget all of those fun times we had on the jail server. You were such a great friend and an amazing map maker. I enjoyed ranting with you and messing around on teamspeak. You will truly be missed buddy.

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    Rest in peace buddy. Will never forget the good times that we had playing jail back in the day. Hopefully you've already got a gaming PC setup in heaven

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    Aw crap. RS will always be part of the holy trinity of Counter Strike in my mind. I cannot imagine eGO without him. Now I has a sad.

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    Never got to meet you, but I'm sure the Counter-Strike scene wouldn't be the same without you. Rest In Peace.

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    I had to reactivate my acct when someone dropped this news on an old Facebook Group. Despite never being that close to Rogue Sniper I do remember back in 2011-2012 the amazing Jail nights we would have on CS:S. Those maps were a blast to play. He will be sorely missed, my condolences to his family and friends
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    Was hoping someone would make this thread. It was sad to hear, RIP Rogue "Yokai" Sniper. Thanks for all the great times you brought, and may your life be celebrated

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    I didn't personally know the fella, but sounds like a good dude. Always sad to see this happen to anyone. Glad the community is recognizing him. Rest in peace.

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