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    Default The Loss of a Friend – Rogue Sniper

    The Loss of a Friend – Rogue Sniper
    June 14, 2019

    These posts are never fun to make. The few we have had to make are a few too many. June 11, 2019 Rogue Sniper or “Yokai” was taken from us due to a fatal accident.

    A veteran member of EdgeGamers who joined in early 2007, Rogue Sniper contributed greatly towards the success of our Counter-Strike: Source and Global Offensive servers. Acting in Advisor capacity for close to 5 years, Rogue’s time and efforts were mostly spent around our Jail servers and the recreation of member favorite map Highschool. Even after stepping down from Leadership, Rogue continued to forge forward in developing amazing content for the community through his unique approach to Jail maps. No one can question his attention for detail and raw determination once he had started a project.

    Although we are an online community, you make true friendships here. Often times you may find some of your best friends through gaming. They could be across the United States or even the World. This is certainly the case with Rogue Sniper.

    Member Quotes...

    A good, genuine, incredibly talented person and I know that he will be remembered by many.

    A great guy, and for someone like me who was a younger member at the time, he was a great person to look up to.

    He was an inspiration and pure joy to be around … If Rogue was anything it was dedicated, if he put his mind to something it got done or until he screamed enough to get it done.

    Rogue Sniper will be missed. Our condolences set out to his family and friends. Out of respect for Rogue Sniper’s privacy and secrecy, identifying details have been intentionally left out.
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    Rest well my friend. It was my pleasure to have you as my friend for all these years. I'll always remember some of the late nights we had on jail, ventrilo, or just chatting on steam. I miss you buddy. Things won't be the same without you.
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    Never knew Rogue very well but any loss hurts. Rest easy.
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    Ill miss you forever man, I hope you are in a sea of red apples with holo. Rest in Peace.
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    This hits way closer than I ever thought..., I'm going to expand on this post later when I have some time to think. I just really don't have the words right now..
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    Rules like those are for bronze players...
    Quote Originally Posted by _MEGA
    but then MC gets stabbed
    and she's in the hospital on her phone searching "how win a guy over in the hospital"

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    I don't know him yet I feel sad
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    A heavy loss for EdgeGamers and the Counter-Strike community. Rogue will be sorely missed.
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    Rogue--I hope you found peace. Your maps were fantastic and a huge part of what brought me to eGO. It was a pleasure to work with you--you had enormous impact on the CS division's success over the years. I'll always think fondly of the old CS Leadership times. We'll miss you.
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    Rouge was always one of those guys that had so much passion about whatever he was doing, he'd teach a random his every single step and thought just to make that random's experience better.

    This is truly a shot in the gut, things just won't be the same. Rip
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    Rest in peace Rouge. I've made too many memories on your jail maps to forget, whether it's playing with my friends, or trying to rebel with you being on CT. Rest easy man.

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