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Thread: Joseph here

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    Default Joseph here

    Well, I'm not a new member but I've been gone for a year, and wasn't known at all. I finally have free time and am excited to be able to meet everyone and rise through the ranks here! You'll end up knowing me for ****ing up my 1 taps. <3

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    Heyyy, hahaha we all miss those one taps. Welcome back hope to see you on the servers!

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    Welcome to Edge Gamers, friend! Enjoy your stay!

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    Welcome back Joseph, hope to see you one a couple of our servers
    =(e)= : 07-13-2018
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    If you have any questions about anything or want to play or hangout just add me or pm me on discord

    Discord: 3dsam#3179

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    Hey @Joseph,

    Glad to have you back on board and I'll catch you on the servers.

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    Welcome back! Hope to see you by our TTT server my dude!
    ~ HooVay to the Rescue ~

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    Welcome Joseph , hope to see you around on the servers

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    Welcome back!
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