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    Default Win 10 wifi issue

    So my moms old HP laptop wont stay connected to any wifi connection. It will stay connected for around 3 mins & then just die off. I think thats the reason why she gave it to me, but never have asked her (shes upgraded her laptop since then). I have done the following steps to ensure that the only issue is the laptop itself:

    1. Restarted router & modem
    2. Restarted laptop
    3. Switch between router & extender (we have a 2 story house, so the need is there for both)

    I will be honest in that I dont fully understand Win 10, so if any of you guru's can give me any ideas on what could possibly be doing this, I would greatly appreciate it. I am very close to just wiping the hard drive clean & installing Ubuntu on it. Ive never liked Win 10 laptops because of the hindrance put in place by Microsoft.

    Thanks in advance
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    Honestly, It could be easially a problem with the built in wifi card on the pc, but for that Im not completely sure.

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    Does it work with ethernet connection? As aidan said its probably a problem with the wifi card assuming its not just a system problem.

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    try this -> go open Killer Control Center and go to Settings and turn off Advanced Stream Detect
    maybe that could be it. my new computer had that hope it works
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