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Thread: You See Ivan

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    Default You See Ivan

    Hey, i'm Ivan. I usually play on the jailbreak server and enjoy
    Bhopping, the spy v spy map, and shutting down toxic players. I haven't tried out any of the other eGO servers yet, but the JB server is awesome so I have high expectations.

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    Welcome , Ivan . Glad you enjoy JB but hope to see you around on other servers like TTT or MG

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    Welcome to eGO!
    WHO WANTS A FREE COOKIE? - Enrique16ish when joins

    (ADMINS) =(eGO)= Jacko: Interested in becoming an eGO member? Visit
    (ADMINS) =(eGO)= Jacko: LMAO
    (ADMINS) =(eG)= Enrique16ish: LMAO
    (ADMINS) =(eGO)= Jacko: whoops
    (ADMINS) =(eGO)= CtrlAltDelicious: Rip!
    (ADMINS) =(eG)= Enrique16ish: OOF

    *DEAD* =(eG)= Enrique16ish : !music Mayhem Grabbing Cookies
    *DEAD* [General] =(eGO)= Mayhem Death : That is a good song

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    Welcome to eGO. See you in every servers at CS:GO.

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    Welcome to eGO Ivan i hope to catch you on JB or maybe some other servers.

    Have an idea for an event? Need help recruiting someone? Want to join ego?
    Add me on steam or discord and I can help you out.
    Discord: 3dsam#3179

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    Hey @You See Ivan....! Welcome to EdgeGamers! Enjoy your stay!

    Member Services' Senior Manager
    Steam | Twitter | Tumblr | Information | Discord: Andrew#2659 | Hisssssssss

    Other miscellaneous roles:
    EdgeGamers, Resident Snake Enthusiast
    Los Santos County Police Department, Sergeant of Internal Affairs, IT Guy, Aviation Supervisor

    Don't be afraid to contact me, if I seem like I'm being unfair or rude, just talk to me and we can work it out.

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    Welcome to eGO! Hope to see you on our CS servers. Enjoy the stay.

    Event Coordinator Manager for Member Services
    Interested in joining and a G level admin? Apply here

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