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Thread: hello everyone

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    Default hello everyone

    Alright so I am a little late to my introduction but you know better late than sorry but my name on steam and in game is Hello. You probably can find me on the sever most of the time because I honestly need a life and I love this community! It has brought me so much joy and new friends in such a small spand of time and itís such an amazing experience and I hope to even create more new ones and I know this is such a long introduction but you can find me on either the JailBreak or TTT sever from around 10PM PST usually till 7AM PST

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    Welcome Hello, glad you love the community and hope to see you on TTT sometimes
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    Welcome to eGO and have fun on our servers!
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    Hey @Hello?! Welcome to EdgeGamers! Enjoy your stay!

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    Saw you on TS last night, don't be a stranger to come join us on ts. Enjoy the stay!
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    Hey hello, welcome to ego! I had fun playing codenames with you last night on TS3
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    Welcome to eGO!
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    Hey buddy!
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    Welcome to eGO!
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