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    Lightbulb It has been two months since my Perma Ban..

    It has been two months since my Perma Ban and boy it's been a wild ride.
    (I'm now unbanned)

    Ever since my ban for Racism (For Reasons I'm Not Saying Anymore Than That)
    I have learned so much about being a team player, knowing what its like to be "Punk-Free". Yes I have messed up and I'm sure as hell not perfect, but there is no doubt in my mind that eGO has the best community I've ever been apart of. @CtrlAltDelicious I know I give you shit all the time, but dude this community wouldn't be the same without you. @Arbiter Dude you are one of the few faces of eGO CSGO and eGO JB wouldn't be the same without you.

    CSGO Leadership has been amazing at recruiting amazing and active admins, to those new junior admins y'all are doing great. Please keep up the amazing work and keeping this community amazing and friendly.

    This next section is about my JB buds.

    First of all RIP @2020Vision I love you man, wish you were here with us.

    Second 1.5/2.0 has been amazing so far despite bugs this is a huge milestone in eGO history. This goes for the foundations of pG to the "new" leaders of eGO.
    So many new players have gone threw JB's doors and like what @Arbiter said and somewhat did "The first I would do I think is probably designate everybody, in my opinion the community's driving force is probably Jailbreak... I would put every resource we have in tech team into jailbreak".

    Without a doubt Arby has put his soul into jailbreak and most people know this, so thank you Arby. (And RebelNation wouldn't be possible without you)

    In summary I've messed up and others have too, most of us have learned from our mistakes and I don't regret a single hour played on eGO out of the 265 hours every single one of them made me who I am.

    Thank you Leadership, Thank you players, Thank you @Arbiter @CtrlAltDelicious
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    We appreciate that you’ve been enjoying your time and growing into not just a good player, but a better person. I’d argue that this community teaches a lot of core values that you can use in your everyday life (hell, it’s taught me a lot of the values I live by) and I hope it’ll do the same for all reading this.

    Keep enjoying yourself and thank you for your feedback!
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    Mistakes don't define us. It's how we learn from those mistakes which make us who we are.

    People around you, will hopefully keep you in this same positive direction. I honestly love seeing this, such a positive message. I'm happy you are able to be a positive part of the community now.
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    two months of being banned made you change your life that much?

    holy shit. i never wanna rob a bank with you.
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    @Snowy i know how you feel.
    And remember:
    "Dont be negative... be positive!" - Bloodseeker
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    it's good to see people change over few months and its a great positive feedback that we love to read and keep up a thread like this, i hope you get through life and maybe i see you one day, happy gaming mate :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ric View Post
    two months of being banned made you change your life that much?

    holy shit. i never wanna rob a bank with you.
    no one robs banks anymore bruv
    have any questions about becoming a real doctor? PM me !

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    @Ledzo Yes they do.

    A bank right by my moms house was robbed successfully with a 35 second police on site response time. They have not been caught and it's been 2 years.
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