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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacko View Post
    -1 I do agree that the !count can be especially OP if used at the start but I disagree that it should be completely removed.

    There should be a way to possibly nerf it instead of completely removing it. Maybe prevent wardens from using it at the start of round or limit round usage.-


    Making !count similiar to what !peace used to be. You could only use it after t's were unmuted which was typically at 6:00 round time.
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    We will go ahead and discuss this at the Leadership level to see our thoughts on this. Please if you have friends who play the server who have a logical opinion on this, please tag them and tell them to come voice it!

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    I even though never am warden and rarely CT, love this command

    If I'm in stack I want to be acknowledged and makes playing games so much faster instead of doing the old "unstack in marker lemme count you quickly".
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    Would like to get more opinions on this before we come to a conclusion. If you have not already voiced your opinion, it would help a lot if you did. Much apreciado.

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    IMO I say let it be used once per round. Something like this. Its to easy to count. For me, I press Q then 2 and boom. I know how many rebellers there are. I dont want it fully removed though.
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    I would prefer a limit on uses or a certain time after round start before it could be used rather than a complete removal.
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    I agree that a time based option would be a good alternative so the cts cant get the info as soon as the round starts. From what ive read it seems a lot of others agree with this. This could be a good nerf the command, but not a full eradication of it. This could help the cts later in the round instead of the start, so the ts that are rebeling still have a chance to do so. I also like the idea of making it a 1 time use or cooldown type thing aswell. I like these ideas so the cts arnt being completely nerfed
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    This is a bad idea, count only makes wardening easier.
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    i posted this on a different thread, but here:

    !count being used at the start of the round is kinda op, yeah. what could maybe happen is for there to be a cooldown on the command, so you can only use it, say, 2 or 3 minutes into the round. would retain the ability to count for games n stuff but make it not able to be used right out of the gate

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    !count makes it harder to rebel, so automatically i dont like it.

    Although it could give a range, rather than a number, dont see how that would make it too easy for either side...
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