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    Default CSGO JB Removing dead body player models

    Basically the title says it all when you die on JB your player model is left on the ground still. Personally, I think it looks ugly because with a large amount of dead players they are cluttered all around the map. I dont really see a reason to keep them but I could totally be wrong.

    Didn't see a suggestion on this so I made one lmk if you agree or disagree a screenshot of what I am talking about is below.


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    @Custom Stats

    Want me to find / add a plugin that dissolves bodies after they die, provided one doesn't already exist?
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    At times seeing where a body is lying can be useful information to tell where one was previously killed and from what angle. Aside from that the bodies don't provide much. Visually it doesn't bother me but I can see how others would see it as ugly seeing random bodies scattered around the map.

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    An update has been pushed and will be live the next time we rebuild the server. A formal update will be posted when that occurs.

    For the sake of testing, all ragdolls with vanish upon death. We'll monitor server and client performance to see how positive the impact is, then progress towards a nicer fade effect when we know everything is stable.
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