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    Default Getting Started: Welcome to EGO!

    Welcome to EdgeGamers. Edge Gamers was founded on July 1st, 2006 by JohnT and Artimus with just a website and a single Day of Defeat Source Avalanche server. To this day, Edge Gamers hosts a multitude of different game servers and is expanding every day. "This clan’s foundation rests on honor, loyalty, and integrity. There is a heavy emphasis on maturity, fair play, helping others and having a fun and competitive gaming experience that all can enjoy. Because of this, eGO has attracted the most dedicated members and experienced administrators in the gaming world. eGO has become a place where each admin can and does make a difference. No matter what real life brings, in the world of eGO, you are valued and counted on to help make things right."

    Registration & Getting Started
    First thing is first, you need to register on our forums. After you've done that, you will need to do some setting up of your profile with our MAUL integration. This process is fairly simple, and you can utilize all of our integration tools! If you have any issues with integration, you can contact any member of Leadership to assist you.

    To register on our forums, and configure MAUL, click [HERE]

    FIRST: Register on the forums

    SECOND: Return to that link, click on MAUL REGISTRATION.
    If you are applying for Counter Strike, you will need your STEAM64.
    To grab it, pull up your steam profile. Click [HERE]
    The numbers at the end of the link is your ID.
    Example: For example:

    If you have a vanity URL, click [HERE] and input the link.

    Now, tab back into the Maul Registration page.
    Take those numbers add put them where it asks for your Game ID for SOURCE. It looks like THIS. You want to add those numbers to where it says "SOURCE"

    THIRD: Return to that /join link again. Click on APPLY or JOIN to fill out your application. You must be 13 to join the community.

    FOURTH: Join our discord. Click [HERE] to join. Head to #role-assignment to grab your needed rules. Then check out #member-information for any additional needs.

    Here are some helpful links to get you started!
    About Us - This page contains information about the founding of eGO, and our ranking structure.
    Leadership Roster - This page contains our Leadership team, with links to their profile to contact them if needed.
    Community Roster - This page contains our teams page.
    Supported Servers - This page contains our list of supported game servers.
    Discord Setup Guide - This page contains our Discord server setup information.
    Teamspeak Setup Guide - This page contains our Teamspeak setup information.
    Promotions - This page contains information about receiving Administrative powers.

    We are looking forward to getting to know you! We strongly recommend making an introduction post so other members of the community can learn about you too! Introduction posts are easy to do, and don't need to be anything extravagant if you don't wish them to be. To make an introduction post, click [HERE]. Make sure you check the thread often, as you will see multiple replies from members of the community!

    After your integration is complete on our forums, its recommended you apply for your =(e)= rank. This is where the emphasis on maturity and activity come into play. We are looking for mature and respectful individualizes who will represent our community in a positive light. Participating in our servers and forums is a great way to do so. Becoming an e is optional, but strongly recommended. Even with the size of EdgeGamers, we are still a close knit group of individuals who love gaming! To apply for your rank, click [HERE]. We have a dedicated team of individuals called "Member Services" that process applications. Should you have any issues with applying, you may contact @Divine or @AndrewW.

    What's Next?
    Now that you've applied, the possibilities for you are endless. If you're interested in getting further involved in the community, you can click [HERE]. This page details additional ways you can help out around EdgeGamers. Looking to just jump in and play? Our server list is located [HERE]. We strongly encourage you to utilize our forums if you're interested in advancement within the community!

    Need Additional Support?
    No worries. It's a lot of information to take in. Do you have a question you feel you may need a leader to answer? No problem. Click [HERE] to create a contact leadership thread. Just type your question into the text field and add a title and we will happily assist you.

    The information above is just a small glimpse into what we offer here. Feel free to message any staff member with any questions you may have!

    Welcome to EdgeGamers. We're happy to have you and hope you enjoy your stay!

    See you on the servers!

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