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    Default Discord Setup Guide

    Discord Setup Guide

    To start, go to and click the register button.
    It will ask for some regular info like your email and what not. Just fill it out as you would any other site.

    After you register and signup, you can download the client, or use it right from your browser.

    After creating your discord account, join the EdgeGamers discord. To do so, click HERE

    You will be presented with a screen like so

    Click on the channel that says "role-assignment".

    Once in the channel, add yourself to whatever game you're from (Only CS,MC,GTA are supported!)

    You will then have access to view that channels information.

    If you frequent multiple games, you can add yourself to all that apply.

    If you need your special roles (tech, media, eg, ego, etc) ask in #general by tagging a Leadership member.

    There are a multitude of channels for you to enjoy!

    #general - General chat
    #helpdesk - For any questions
    #eg-private - For eG private discussion
    #ego-private - For eGO private discussion
    #streaming - Links to streams around the community
    #polls - For quick polls
    #sportsball - For sports related discussion
    #videos - For video discussion
    #screenshots - Post screenshots here
    #music - For discussion about music
    #movites_tv_shows - For discussion about movies and tv shows
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