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    Default How Can I Get Involved In EdgeGamers?

    EdgeGamers is constantly looking for help running various programs around our community. On top of offering a multitude of games, we also offer teams within those games that are tasked to different responsibilities.

    Community Wide
    Community Wide teams are programs that run through the entire community, they are not restricted by one game.

    Member Services
    Member Services is responsible for assisting new members, and current members, with day to day questions concerning the community, or any of our supported games. Additionally, they also assist with processing applications into the community, and assist our recruiting efforts to bring new prospects into EdgeGamers. Member Services processor is open to eG+.

    Interested? More information here.
    Community Manager: @RipplyTiger151

    Media Team is responsible for providing the community with news related to announcements, events, or anything EdgeGamers. Media Team heavily focuses on graphics, and providing daily content to the homepage. Media Team has multiple positions, from Writer, Artist, Social Media, and Video Editor.

    Interested? Contact: @xValence (or apply directly:
    Senior Manager: @Arbiter

    Tech Team is responsible for staying on top of all things technical within the community. Tech works to provide new content to our gameservers, and maintain them if any issues arise. Tech Team is always looking for hard working members to join its roster.

    Interested? Contact @SmeaR (or apply directly:
    Community Manager: @Covert

    Game Specific
    Game Specific teams are ran for each game, by a different group of leadership members. For example, GTA AT may differ in responsibility from CS AT.

    Admin Trainer
    Admin Trainers are responsible for training new admins. They work to ensure rules are enforced and followed, and that all admins, new and old, have a superb understanding of our rules.

    CS AT Manager: @CtrlAltDelicious
    GTA AT Manager: @RedDragonKnight
    MS AT Manager: @AndrewW
    TF2 AT Manager: @Jeff7890110
    MC AT Manager: @BUTTERLOVER7683

    Event Coordinator
    Event Coordinators are responsible for hosting events throughout the community. Each week, they come together to plan our a series of enjoyable events for everyone to participate in!

    CS EC Manager: @AshStix @Michael Bolton
    GTA EC Manager: @Jack
    MS EC Manager: @Divine
    TF2 EC Manager: @Daa
    Minecraft EC Manager: @Tea

    Recruitment Coordinator
    Recruitment Coordinators help EdgeGamers drive up membership, either by hosting events, or assisting with bringing individuals into the community

    GTA RC Manager: @Inkery
    MS RC Manager: @Ryo5678
    TF2 RC Manager: @DrkChocolate
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