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    Default Forum Game: Describe an anime plot poorly

    I was watching a video earlier of one of my favorite "[Anime] abridged" voice actors, and one of my favorite cover dub singers playing a game of anime themed "heads up," and i noticed how poorly they were describing these animes. So that got me thinking, how terribly can people describe an anime?

    Heres how it goes: first, you describe the plot of the anime above as poorly as possible, or make a funny description. Then, say another anime title, and the next person has to describe that... and so on.

    The only rules I'll say are try not to repeat the same anime, and try to keep the descriptions short (under 25 words is a good amount, probably as many as most animes need).

    I'll start if off with a personal favorite that got me into anime: Dragon Ball.

    Have fun!

    "Human looking alien martial artist lands on Earth, always gets stronger with fights and beats literally everyone and everything up for fun"

    Describe "Full Metal Alchemist" poorly
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    Crippled short person tries to get his brother's body back with a rock made from genocide. (totally not stolen ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) )
    Describe "One-Punch man" poorly
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    Bald man loosing joy in life
    Describe "Hellsing" poorly

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