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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash Bandicoot View Post
    I spent about 1900 hours on eGO's Prop Hunt server, all in all, I enjoyed it. Was great to see all types of players just having a good time. It's sad to see it go, met a lot of nice people and had very fun sessions. Thank you to everyone who kept that server going.

    "Goodbye everyone, I'll remember you all in therapy." -- Plankton
    Oh Crash We Will Aways miss your wacky crazy spots and you too!
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    We appreciate everyone's hard work this year trying to revitalize Garrys Mod. Hope you all decide to stick around in another game.
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    To the guys who ran this with us from the beginning, I can't thank you enough for trying to do your best given the situation we had back then and still pushing forward. It's sad to see it go but you guys kept things moving for so long and unfortunately everything eventually comes to an end. I will forever be grateful I got to meet you guys and work with you over the years, this is including Pro Combat. Again, thank you for giving your best, guys. Seablade would be proud.
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    It was a fantastic run. Some of the best memories and friends were made with GMod and it's AMAZING division. I love you all and thanks for a great time, Im glad to have been a part of it. F

    "Hyper Loves You."-HyperDiaper

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    It was a good run. Was fun sniping people as the traitor from a Tower.
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    don't really play the game anymore or know anyone here anymore but I do remember having a very fun time making a TTT map for the server and enjoying this community a lot in the op:x days, good times, rip
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