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    Default Valuing your life

    Over the past few days playing as a Civilian, I've noticed a lot of people not adhering to the "value your life" rule. Per the FiveM Server Rules -

    All characters must operate with some level of fear for their lives. While characters will never truly die, they must operate as if their character is subject to severe injury or possible loss of life during all scenarios. Characters who are held at gunpoint must take into consideration the possible repercussions, or possible loss of life, if they fight back. Characters are expected comply with reasonable demands. However, if an opportunity presents where the subject is no longer in immediate danger, they may fight back (IE: No longer have a gun pointed at them.) This applies to both civilians and Law Enforcement.

    Specifically, me and a few others have been going around RP'ing, which involved kidnapping some people. A lot of people found it enjoyable, however there were so many that when held a gunpoint, would just brazenly say "go ahead kill me, I don't care". This isn't valuing your life, and you aren't roleplaying.

    It just makes it a lot harder to make enjoyable RP scenarios for everyone, which is the whole point of the server. We're all here to roleplay and have fun with each other. I only made this post to bring the issue to light, because I'd like to start seeing some better RP.
    Thanks for reading.
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    @JollyDoctor thank you for bringing this up. If someone is not following the server rules I suggest getting in contact with a admin with /report and let them know about it so admins can make who every is breaking the rules follows the rules.

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