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    Default Warden Death Change

    The current rule for what happens after the warden dies is the Tís can have a freeday, until given orders from the new warden. Personally, I think this is the cause for the abundance of rebelling that occurs every single round. What Iím suggesting is after the warden dies, it is implied that Tís have to AFK freeze. If they do not AFK freeze, and try to rebel, they will be killed. Obviously, the Tís will be able to move once given orders from the new warden. I think this will improve the general stability of the server and help prevent the constant rebelling that CTs clearly canít handle. What do you guys think?
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    I believe this was suggested a long time ago, but I still see the same flaw as back then. The amount of freekills and amount of complaining that would go on for this would be unreal. "He didn't give me 3 seconds to afk freeze" "I was in surf and afk frozen like the warden said to do and I afk froze and fell" "I got tped from a game that I lost cause I afk froze" The possibilities keep going. Don't get me wrong, I really hate that it's instantly a freeday when the warden dies, cause 9/10 times the new warden has no chance of re-gaining control, but I think that's the best way to prevent more arguments from players.
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    I think that T's should be allowed to run away once warden dies. After warden dies you get a bit of fun and actually try and start rebeling, if you had to stay afk frozen it would be quite boring because the rebeler will probably die and you're back to listening to a warden and you gotta pursue every command perfectly because of cancer CT's who want numbers on the scoreboard. The ct's have guns at the start of the round, they should be able to control the T's already, they should be able to control the t's and they should be able to protect warden. They have the advantage, if they die after warden dies it's kind of their fault for not making sure there is no rebelers. Like right after warden dies you usally get more fun because you get to kill ct's and you finnaly dont have to listen to warden. I don't how to say what I want to say, it's just fun to rebel right after warden dies. I seriously don't know how to say what I want to say. Sorry but I just don't like the idea of this. Just my opinion so if u really want to, just ignore it :/

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    Dont let warden die. Its that simple. If you dont want him to die do all you can as a ct to stop it. If not, pay for it when the ts rebel.

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    even if the rule was changed you really think it would affect anything? t's would still run off, they do even when the command is meant to stay. i dont see a reason for it to change

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    Seeing as this doesn't have much support/backing from others we have no plans on adding this to the rules. I would like to point out that having it be a freeday when the Warden dies offers incentives for guards and prisoners. This should offer an incentive for guards to better protect the warden as seen in the description of the guard role from the Jailbreak rules. Here:

    They must protect the Warden as many Prisoners will try to rebel to kill the warden to cause havoc and win the round.
    This also offers an incentive for prisoners to try and kill the warden so it can be a freeday. Thanks for this

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