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    Default GTA V FiveM crash

    Every time i join an server form ego in GTA V my character starts falling off the world and i get teleported to a road and than it shows that i need to create my character and name him and stuff but like 5 seconds after it crashes is it cuz of my pc or something else? pls help

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    if you have crash reports that would be nice, if FiveM just disappears then it's your pc mostlikely.

    • Check your antivirus to be sure it puts FiveM on ok programs.
    • Task manager, Details> FiveM, > Set priortity to high.
    • Graphics settings: FiveM > press ESC while in game and check your video settings (put on low if you have a potato pc)
    • Clear FiveM cache in FiveM Application Data folder.

    Maybe these will work, if not, idk.

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